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Professional headshots have become an essential tool for online presence and branding, especially when it comes to actors, models, and those involved in the creative industries. Headshots should be flattering and represent the subject in a way that makes them appear approachable and confident. My goal is to capture a raw and honest expression, ensuring your photos will stand out from the crowd.
I bring years of professional photography experience and a diverse skill set to every shoot. I have been able to adapt my techniques to fit the needs of each individual I photograph, allowing me to create portraits that are tailored and fit your specific needs. I strive to produce the highest quality of work; my photos are crisp and clear, allowing the subject of the image to shine through.
My fully equipped studio allows for professional shoots that are comfortable and relaxed for my clients.I am always available for conversations about a shoot and want to get to know my clients before we start shooting. I strive to understand the subject in a way that will allow me to capture an image that is comfortable and natural.

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